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Jen Lee's private journal;

AGE 22
ETHNICITY Korean/Italian
OCCUPATION Full-time Student
SCHOOL looking forward to majoring in Linguistics at OU.



Friends Only

  • Wee~ Sorry I haven't commented much in your LJ, sometimes I just don't know what ta say but I always try ta think of something ^-~
  • psssssshhhhhh

    see, you wouldnt have to do this if you didnt talk to some of the morons in those online communities. some are ok, but you all have to admit those are stupid people.
  • greatest friends only banner in history.

    *hands down*
  • *smiles* I think that's the cutest FO banner I've seen in a long time. <3
  • very cool
  • hey ME, ME too!

    you have been a friend of mine for a while now, but you never added me back, add me, i like you entries!
  • oi, oi! ~toriko from blurty, add me, add you? :)
  • i feel like such a fuckign boob, i never saw that you got a new username )=
  • hey, it's sue

    not updating lately? i like hearing about your liiiiife~ or I just miss the tinkly sound of your voice...like pee on an empty toilet bowl~ Don't ask. Like rain on a lonely window sill, there, does that sound better?
    • Re: hey, it's sue

      I'm updating, maybe you just are not always signed in?? Wow, i'm so glad I remind you of pee pee Sue Sue. XP
  • Ooogie boogie add me? you sound fun. like funfun in the sun fun. :D:D or such. ....
    can I add you? XD
  • Remember?

    You might (but most likely not) remember my Blurty persona YusaHo or Eric the Great. I just got my LJ and I really missed reading your entries so I was hoping you'd do me the pleasure of adding me again?
  • friends? <3
  • haha look. i see anime underwear.
  • (no subject) - butterfliwingz
    • Pink Doll friends list? I'm not sure if I understand.. I don't have a "pink doll friends list" :)
  • [Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<font [...] </font>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

    <table cellpadding="0" border="0" width="250" align="justify" cellspacing="0"> <div align="justify"><font style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 9pt; FONT-FAMILY: arial; LETTER-SPACING: 1px"><font </font="&lt;/font" color="000000">heyy i had you added on my blurty, would u add me here and ill add you back ? :) [i was xred_kittiex]</FONT>
  • ehehe~ i was just looking at crescent_vision's lj, and then i saw a piccy of a Korean Actress...Choi Ji Woo ^^ and so...yah...that how i found uuu

    i added you ^^ i'll be sure to try my best in reading ur site more!!

    - X0 mitsuki//sakura
  • >>/)

    <<; i wanna be added...
  • >>/)

    <<; i wanna be added...
  • Man, I don't even know you, and I think you're friggin' awesome.

    Mm-hmm. Kill Me Kiss Me RULES. Cross-dressing, whoo!

    And anyways, any friend of Diandra is a friend of mine. ^^ Can I be added?
  • i love your username, i'm totally obsessed with coldplay. it's unhealthy. add me!
  • (no subject) - illacquired
  • hey, although my application to asiancuties ended up being the epitome of everything the community despises, ie: dorky, ugly, and filled with music y'all don't like; we actually have some of the same interests. believe it or not, lol. so i'm adding you!
  • Yeah I was really bad with commenting when I was on your friends list (hence I understand why you deleted me) but I just wanted to say your friends only banner is cute. :)
    • No that's definitely NOT why I deleted you. Like I said, I regretted cutting some people but you didn't comment on the one entry where I asked everybody who wanted to stay, and I didn't want to keep you if you actually didn't want to stay so yeah :\ But thanks.
  • Hey, Jenni! It's Jackie.. ^^ I have an LJ account now that I actually update, so I added you. :D Add me back, alright? I promise I'll be a good girl and comment. ^^
    • I added you back :o Sorry if that took me awhile, I was in FL on a stupid broadband laptop @.@;
  • I might've been on your friend's list before o_o But I was gone for a while and that's probably how I got deleted X.x
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